​2nd ave e & 1st

​2 east 2nd

crystals on london road.


​the flame rest. on water front.

​1886 lake and superior looking west

​6th ave west 1899

.​top of incline line to duluth heights

​1930  5th ave west & superior st

​213 w sup 1913

​402 west sup street  1870s


​1869 2nd ave and sup st.

​1867 Duluth downtown

​spalding hotel

​top of the incline

​3 ave west & sup st

​1932 superior street

1919 airel swing bridge

​upper side superior st & lake ave  liquor dealer. 

​1887 duluth nat bank 229–231 West Superior

​park point 1943

​next to friemuths on superior st.

​60th ave east superior st.

​1st street news tribune

1880s superior street.

12 East   1903.

1881  2nd ave west and superior st.

​1896 lake and 1st west


​1901 incline fire.

​1st ave east looking up

​1st ave east looking west  1869

​231 e 2nd 1881.

​2nd st lake ave 1904


​mp&l lake ave & superior

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chu​chung king now paper mill

​lyric block

​alworth 1912

villa capri pizza lake and sup. st. 1977

47th ave east

​1880s garfield

fire destroyed entire fergusson bld and block 1883

​chung king west duluth

​Duluths first post office

​10th ave e  1st nursing school 1896

​1907 sellwood bld

​lester park lakeview sports.

the new airel lift bridge 

old draw bridge to superior

​14 east superior street 1957

​​4th w supl  Lyceum

​1893 west duluth

​5th ave e  4th st  looking east


hughes apparel 

60th ave east and london road

​60th ave east & sup. st.

1880s skyline drive

1869  ​lake ave

​4th ave west 2nd street

​chester bowl

central ave blue bell

​1905 lake ave


​1910 hooand house now radison

1st ave west looking east

​big Duluth


​4th ave east looking west.



​central and grand looking west. standard gas, now hair saloon

​chung king 65th ave west

​1889 spalding

5th ave west and mich

​2nd ave west and superior  1915


​6th ave east and 3rd street

​1889 temple opera

1869 oneoda 

Granada demolition 

​1871 downtown duluth

​1873 huntr block downtown

​lemon drop hill (london road

​220 east superior street

​1902 moose lodge 418–420 West Superior Street

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​hemlock garage

​1894 interstate bridge.

​616 West   1902

central and grand looking east A&W later mr. burrger. now holiday

​Hemlock garage