Bill Effinger (wklk) Shelly Bergen (grimm reaper of radio)

Jiffy Jeff (getting fat)

Superior Wisc. Fire Dept

benna ford event 2017

Officer Mike Duluth

(any resemblance)


What is mugs and hugs.?????

Jiffy Jeffs lost oldies and the minnesota Masionic lodges have teamed up to create a child I D program.   These annual events are free to all and offer all sorts of helpfull information. The I D consists of a picture of the child, D N A swab, voice print, height, weight, and other personal information.  A  dvd is then made and given to the parents to use in case a child goes missing.  The disc is amber alert compadable which means that the information can be out as fast as possible

At the event we give out mugs with sponsors names on them, filled with a root beer float.

Police/Fire/Health Dept/ Mn/Wisc national gaurd brings rides.

Other sponsors bring food and usefull items all free for the kids.

Event times and locations will be posted below along with pictures of some of the events.

If you would like to be involved in this project either by sponsoring or particapting, contact Jiffy Jeff for more information.