Dick Anthony later on kdal t.v.

​news. for mp&l

Shelly Bergen 1970  Kaoh radio

​aka  RON Rogers

Worked several Disco clubs in the area.  Ya  Disco.  Along with Shelly Bergen MC d  at  the yellow sub, and cove in superior Wisc.  Jungle cage and sound museum on lake ave in Duluth.  Of coarse working real jobs during the day.


Jack Kent Cooke


owned los angeles lakers at the time.

Wilt Chamberlin was present at this shoot.

Oh and he was fired that day.

​Bill Bresnan, later Bresnan cable systems with brother Pat Bresnan

​1960 s

first radio job   WAKX  970 am  owner Lou Latto,  

co workers    Ray Murdock   Roger Johnson    Dave Strandberg

age 15

Same year worked at  KAOH radio  am

program director  Steve Anthony, (son to Dick Anthony news anchor for KDAL T.V

co workers   Shelly Bergen (pic on lower page) aka  RON Rogers

Mark Pavalich aka  Mark Williams  (Tim Pavalich brother)

Chuck Helmer aka Chuck O day

​Jimmy Golden/Larry Felts/ Ray Oaks/John Talcott engineer/and good friend  Al Schmitz.  aka  crazy al  see more on Al on seperate page.

Part timed at WDIO T.V.  and WDSE public television.

Ron Anderson program director.  Harry Newbey's Issue's and answers local news cast.

age 19  was the 3rd employee hired for the new emerging cable industry.  Teleprompter cable t.v. on air, sales/sales manager/district sales manager.  became the youngest district sales manager at age 19.  featured story on C A T V magazine, Popular electronics and several other national publications.

My Short Biography

     late             ​1970s

seems like I  never got tired of hearing my self talk, returned part time weekends  at  WDSM am  KZIO fm

Jeff Lee  WDSM   Lee Jeffrey's  KZIO 

owners  Ken Bueler

program director  Tim Palalich aka Tim Michels.

late 70s

Future Jiffy Jeff.  ????

Geof Marcus  

marketing manager.

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little joe  kdal  in the 60s

Tim Michels.